Dock Parts and Accessories 2022 Price List

Dock Parts and Accessories

Safety pole caps$5
Finish end cap$45
Single leg brace kit$60
Double leg cross-brace kit$128
Starter kit for 2 extra legs$262
8" cleat$26
Pipe hinge assembly$200
Bottom footpad$45
Mucky bottom large pad$70
Corner cushions$37
Horizontal dock cushion$45
Vertical pole cushion$115
Solar lights 2-pack$65
Leg pounding cap$42
Extra aluminum leg length$10 per foot
Aluminum swim ladder$450
Safety pole caps$5
Wheel kit$450
2' x 4' x 12" Eagle Float$200
2' x 4' x 8" Eagle Float$175
Side Brackets$45
Whip Mount or Ladder Plates$70
Bolt-on Clips per set of 2$12
Double Kayak Rack$700